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What Is Stretchology?

Stretchology is a scientific form of 1-2-1 stretching and uses a range of specialist individualised stretching and mobilisation techniques to improve joint range of motion and reduces stiffness.


Benefits Of Stretchology

  • Increases range of motion and reduces stiffness in specific joints.

  • Enhances recovery by promoting blood flow to targeted areas, and reduces recovery time needed between training sessions.

  • Elevates performance by activating key targeted muscle groups.

  • Relieves stress by decreasing muscle tension, regulating heart rate and encouraging muscle relaxation.


What To Expect?

Your CSP & HCPC registered Chartered Physiotherapist and Stretchologist will initially get a detailed patient history before taking you through a variation of personalised 1-2-1 assisted stretches, with you working with your practitioner to identify areas that need special attention. 

Your specialist will monitor your range improvements through careful objective range of movement testing which will be taken at both the start and end of the session.

So sit back, relax and let your practitioner take full control of your recovery in a safe and effective way. Loosening your muscles doesn't always have to be painful!

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