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Why Choose Us?

Affordable & Expert Treatments

Crouch Physio was founded with the vision of providing affordable expert evidenced based treatments for the local community. Since then, we have assisted thousands of individuals in getting back to full fitness and returning from injury. We have developed a unique holistic approach to allow patients to achieve their physical goals.

At Crouch Physio, we follow a holistic approach from the assessment and treatment to the advice and education we give. We make sure we provide you with continuous support that goes above and beyond the norm, from the moment you enquire with us until your date of discharge. Our emphasis is to provide our clients with the home management skills to manage their problems, in combination with effective manual therapy techniques as part of your treatment programme. Please see the services we offer!

Located in the heart of Enfield and Cockfosters, Barnet, our clinics are easily accessible by car or public transport.


Our Promise


Provide You With A Holistic Plan Ahead

At your initial consultation, expect to be educated on your pathology or source of your pain. You will have a clear understanding of your diagnosis. Plans will be holistically formed in an individualised way around your lifestyle and goals. Your specialist will keep you informed on recovery time, expectations and a whole lot more. All home management and exercise plans will be digitally sent via email.


Give you access to ongoing support

The support we give you does not stop when you leave our clinic room. You will be able to email or call our specialists at any time between appointment sessions; to ask any questions, increase motivation or seek advice.



We understand that the general public put their trust into healthcare professionals like us to provide them with all information around their pain or injury including recovery times, when to get a scan (if viable), if onwards referral is needed and a whole lot more. One of our main pillars is to equip our clients with the tools to self-manage their condition away from the clinic setting which significantly reduces recovery times.

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